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Would You Like To Improve Your Mallet Skills With Long Term Results? 

Do you ever get 'stuck' while practicing? Or wonder WHAT and HOW to practice? Are you ready to improve your playing with incredible results which will help you for the rest of your music life? Contact me and I can show you the many possibilities and options you have! Best Regards, Vincent 

Every Musician Has A Story......

I believe every musician has a story...

I believe that every musician, and of course every percussionist has a unique story, goals, and desires. Regularly I meet mallet players who feel the need to improve their playing. 

For the past decade I am fortunate to be able to help many percussion students from more than 30 countries worldwide. Therefore I created a plan that works for you and enables you to have maximum long term results in playing mallets. 

Wheter you're a classical marimbist or a jazz vibist. This method worked over and over again and has given me the chance to develop it at the conservatories and music institutes where I teach. This will help you indefinetly in your musical life and opens up your unique musical journey!

About MalletClasses.Com

Meet Vincent Houdijk

With over 20 years of experience in the music business Vincent Houdijk created his own methods in which he is highly recommended and recognized by International Music Institutes. He gained his broad and widened view of Music after studying Classical Percussion (1999-2005) and Jazz Vibraphone (2005-2007) both resulting in graduating with great honor (cum laude). 

Moreover Vincent teaches vibraphone at the classical departments of the Conservatories of Amsterdam and Rotterdam and has gained years of experience while being trained by excellent artists and mentors such as Peter Prommel, Victor Oskam, Arnold Marinissen, Florian Poser, Frits Landesbergen and the reputable Mike Mainieri. 

Why MalletClasses.Com?

MalletClasses.Com was created and founded by Vincent Houdijk aiming to provide inspiring, targeted and effective classes for mallet players from allover the world. 

MalletClasses.Com Features a Step-by-Step Video Course Series Which Will Definitely Improve Your Skills On Your Instrument. Whether you are a classical marimbist or a jazz vibist, these videos will enhance and develop your musical vocabulary with long term results!

Private Classes

If you are interested in more detailed and personal mallet classes please contact me and we can work out the best possibilities for you. Private 1-on-1 classes are possible online (by using skype, youtube etc) or live at your location or at one of my locations in the Netherlands. 

Quality Guarantee

In 2016 Vincent Houdijk got elected as 'Most Promising Jazz Artist of The Netherlands' as a result of working intensively as a freelance (jazz) musician with an average of 150-175 concerts a year.

Vincent tours extensively throughout the world. Tactician as he is, he made sure to present his live album Vortex during the nationwide tour, starting in the metropolitan Bimhuis in 2016. The album and accompanying tour are a provisional culmination of his band VinnieVibes, which brings together kindred spirits. 

Previously he worked successfully with Luistio Quintero, Roberto Quintero, Sean Jones, Eric Vloeimans, Remy van Kesteren, Ivo Janssen, Wouter Hamel, Kyteman, Mathilde Santing and The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra and the worlds leading jazz, pop orchestra The Metropole Orchestra,

Professor at multiple topclass music institutes

Since 2005 I was invited by the late, great Victor Oskam to present a masterclass at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Several years later I became a vibraphone teacher at their classical department. Two years later I got invited to also teach at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotteram. 

Founder & Artistic Director

In 2005 together with my dear friend and colleague Ramon Lormans we created the Percussion Friends Foundation. 

Stichting Percussion Friends enriches lives by sharing the passion for percussion. . Its artistic team aims for the highest quality by inspiring and connecting people from allover the world thru synergy, diversity and incredibly versatile collaborations. 


Topics Handled at MalletClasses.Com

  • 2 & 4 Mallet Grip Basics
  • Scales 
  • Cycles of 4ths and 5ths
  • Stick Dampening
  • Inner Hearing
  • Developing Your Scales 
  • Advanced Scales
  • Triads
  • 7th Chords
  • Coloring 
  • Structures
  • Improvisation


What Others Say About MalletClasses.Com 

“ Vincent is an extraordinary talented musician with a very warm heart and likes to make people happy and laugh! His sincere and serious attitude to students tells me that he deeply loves music.”

Nanae Mimura, Japan

" Vincent is a mallet specialist who clearly enjoys teaching fellow mallet players. His energy is contagious and automatically makes you pay attention to the interesting things he has to say. I would recommend his private 1on1 sessions based on his transparent and entertaining way of teaching. "

Jacob van Eijk, Netherlands

" Vincent is one of the most talented vibraphonists I've met in my entire career! As an artistic director of the International Percussion Festival in Portimão, I had the privilege of having him as a teacher in the last 2 editions, because together with his musical talent, Vincent has a pedagogy that captivates and motivates students regardless of their age. "

Vasco Ramalho, Portugal

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